Dr. Andrew E. Honeycutt, Director

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Dr. Andrew E. Honeycutt was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel in Houston, Texas in 1981. He has thirty five years of experience counseling and advising university students,  During those years,  he developed a success resource entitled CEO Success Letters: A Resource for Career and Life. The book was an outcome of a "Fortune 500 CEOs Success Advice Project” designed to provide career and success advice to college students. 

In addition to one year of graduate work in psychiatric social work, Dr. Honeycutt is the recipient of the Doctor of Business Administration degree from Harvard University and the Masters in Business Administration degree in Organizational and Human Behavior from Boston University.

Dr. Honeycutt is certified by the National Christian Counseling Association as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor (Advanced Certified). He is currently in the final stage of completing his PhD in Christian Counseling.


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